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Have the courage to turn fear into excitement

Fear is a powerful force and the biggest obstacle preventing people from achieving their goals.   Fear hijacks our actions because we get caught up thinking about the enormity of what we want to… Continue reading

Fun catches on

Don’t wait for fun to come to you.

You get to choose your attitude, and how you want to behave.  You decide how enthusiastic you want to be!



When you choose to have fun,  it eliminates boredom and… Continue reading

It’s time to let go

If you are still holding on to the dream of what a relationship could have been, or a life you should have had.  It’s time to let go.


Ask yourself one simple question…

When things are difficult it can be hard to believe that something good will come from it, or that there’s a lesson you aren’t open to learning yet.

This is when you pick yourself up, carry on, and ask one… Continue reading

Learn how to let go

Letting go frees you from old ideas, beliefs, and agreements you aren’t even conscious of.

Letting go restores your power, and inspires you to be who you really are.

Learn how to let go!

Make your work and living spaces your personal oasis


Make your work and living spaces your personal oasis

Want to make your work and living spaces your personal oasis? then  surround yourself with things that bring you joy

It’s 2013… Continue reading

Thoughts – what we give out, we get back

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest


Here’s a great thought for the day.  What we think about ourselves become the truth for us.  Every thought we think is creating our future.  We create the situations, and then we give our… Continue reading