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Preparing to travel..made easy

Picture this, we leave in a few days for our winter vacation. I have a ton of  office work still to be done, (including writing this article) so packing our bags  is moving further down the list, and because there are so many little details that need to be attended to in preparation for our trip, I’m nervous that something will be forgotten.

 How much stuff do you really need to pack?

Preparing to travel takes some thought.  How many pairs of shoes?  Pants or shorts? skirts or dresses? Hats, underwear, swimwear,  How much ‘product will I need  for my hair and face?  And that’s just my short list.

I’m not big on reinventing the wheel, so when I am unsure of how to do something, I try to find a resource that lays it all out for me. But I don’t even have the time to do that today.  My panic attack is interrupted by the  ‘bing’ on my computer.  I’ve received an email from our travel agent.  She must have been picking up my stressed out signals, because she’s sent me some ‘Every thing you need to think of or do before you leave lists.

This is my dream come true and if  you like lists, these are the mother of all lists, you’ll love them (see below).  They include everything you need to do weeks before you leave and the week of, what you need to do on departure day, what to pack as well as information on the things you’ll need to remember during your trip.

Make your camera a visual notebook

And then there’s the very clever tip about making your camera a visual notebook  (this probably could apply to your cell phone too)

Use your camera  to record things you might find useful or forget, like:

  • the location of your parked car
  • Before and after pictures of a rental car, to prove its condition.
  • Taking a picture of a hand written or printed sign with your name , contact information and a promise of a reward to improve the chances of your camera or phone making its way back to you.  If possible make this photo ‘ read only’ and ensure that it is the first picture at the beginning of each memory card.

These lists helped me off the ledge – packing will be a lot easier.  Now I can get back to finishing off my work.

I hope you find them useful too.

Home and Travel Preparation

Packing Checklist

OneBag Packing Checklist



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