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Make 2012 your year to live abundantly

In Trance of Scarcity Victoria Castle artfully describes how many of us are handicapped by a scarcity mentality.  If you are ready to experience more abundance in your life read this book.

Do you ever tell yourself that you’re not enough?  Not smart enough, not rich enough, not good enough, not fill-in-the blanks enough? Or do you worry that there is not enough; not enough time, not enough money, not enough opportunity, not enough… whatever.  Consciously and unconsciously, dozens of times a day, we tell ourselves that we are lacking, that our lives are lacking, that the universe is lacking.  We lull ourselves into what Victoria Castle calls the “Trance of Scarcity” – a numbed state in which we’re crippled by the pervasive assumption that lack, struggle, and separation are our unavoidable fate.  But what if it is the very story we tell ourselves – both as individuals and as a society that keeps us trapped in this limited state?  In her book, Victoria shows you how to embody a new story – one that is about abundance, inspiration, and your own innate ability to create your reality.  Once you break free from the Trance of Scarcity, a more meaningful and fulfilling life is yours.

I hope this book helps you replace the life story that keeps you in a limited state.


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