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Letting go of Superwoman

Do you have a Superwoman’s cape that gives you the power and energy to clean your home every week faster than a speeding minivan because you also need to;

  •  do everyone’s laundry, ironing and all;
  •  buy the groceries – every week
  •  manage the family finances and arrange all dental/doctor appointments;
  •  buy everyone’s clothing – after all your reputation is at stake if they leave home looking less than ‘fab’
  •  attend to the needs and wants of your growing children/grand children/aging parent;
  •  prepare every meal, sometimes in advance, so the family won’t starve when you are out of town;
  •  do the dishes – ’cause no one cleans up quite like you do;
  •  volunteer;
  •  keep track of extended family birthdays and send out the cards;
  •  host the annual ‘Family’ get togethers;
  • be your Man’s ‘Every Woman’; and
  • ….. leap through professional glass ceilings in a single bound?

If you own a cape like that, let us all know where you got it. But I’m betting that you don’t, and behaving as though you do, has you feeling out of touch, out of breath and just plain exhausted.

Ever wonder where we got the idea that being able to ‘do it all’ is a measure of our worth? I suspect the the drawing force of media has had a hand in our training, along with lessons learned from society and life with our parents, including the massive guilt we feel when we haven’t measured up.

Maybe its time that we trade in our old capes and acknowledge that Superwoman is a myth!  And, if you’re ready to do that, know that trading in your ‘cape’ for something more liberating is really a metaphor for making a new agreement…with yourself.

An Agreement that helps us recognize:

  • when I said “I do,” I didn’t mean “I do…. everything” – I don’t have to do it all to feel loved;
  • no woman can do everything – something always has to give;
  • doing everything for everyone isn’t a demonstration of our love – but it could be a way of teaching others how to treat us;
  • delegating is a leadership skill that works at home too – so let go of the reins;
  • our definition of selfish means self-love – it’s important to take time to be kind to our body and minds;
  • that we might have to make some career/life choices that are hard in the beginning.
  • it also helps us recognize that: • it’s okay to ignore the expectations of others – the only voice that matters is the one that speaks to us from inside;
  • teaching others how to care for themselves is a priceless gift.

I  hope you’ll join me in trading in your ‘cape’, because letting go of Superwoman will free us up for the honest work of becoming the very best version of ourselves.

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