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How to ‘wrap up’ 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, and before we get caught up in starting anew, taking a look back at our accomplishments can fuel our motivation to stick to our plans for 2013.

But, figuring out where to begin can be a challenge for some of us, so here’s a quick self-assessment primer to help get things started.

Grab a sheet of paper and list off the following nine areas of life that together represent one way of describing a whole life.

  1.  Career/Business
  2.  Fun and Recreation;
  3. Money and Finances;
  4. Health and Well being;
  5. Physical Environment (Includes home, where you live);
  6. Friends;
  7. Family;
  8. Significant Other;
  9. Personal Growth.

Draw two vertical lines dividing the blank area on your page to create two columns and add the headings Accomplishments and Incomplete. (There’s a link to an example a little further down)

Now, pull out your journals, calendars, notebooks, Vision board or whatever you used to capture your 2012 plans. You’ll be referring to them to help recall the small and big things you intended to do this year. (Thank goodness for calendars, I’m always pleasantly surprised at how much I actually did.)

This can be the hard part. Write out an honest assessment of what you accomplished or did not complete next to each life area. Click here for an example

This can be the best part. Once you have finished your self-assessment, get together with someone who is supportive of you and share your assessment. Make wrapping up 2012 a celebration so do your sharing over a glass of whatever suits your fancy. Share what worked and reflect on what didn’t. In order to make room for something new, it’s important to complete what came before and sharing your self-assessment with someone who cares about you is a powerful way to bring closure.

Here’s to your powerfully wrapped up 2012

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