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6 affordable ways to unwind, de-stress and relax

Anyone of these activities is sure to give you a superdose of much needed relaxation.   So go on, treat yourself.  You’re worth it.

1.  Get a massage
It’s no secret that the power of touch can lower your blood pressure, and improve your outlook, but did you know that massage can help clear your body of all those yucky toxins?  Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight.

2.  Get Still
Meditation helps us detach.  To be less bothered by all the tiny things that drain so much of our energy.

3.  Get Outside
Connect with nature, whether it’s your local park, or the lake you love to visit. Playing outside, in any form, is a well-known kind of ‘therapy’ to find balance and to rejuvenate . The “Great Mother” soothes the spirit, sharpens the senses, and focuses your thinking.

4.  Get Physical
Whether it’s walking the dog or just plain walking.  When you get your body moving not only can it improve your mood, it can help your sex life too.

5.  Get with friends..that make you laugh
Laughter naturally lowers your blood pressure and decreases stress hormones

6.  Get Pampered
Put yourself back on top of your list of priorities, by taking time out of your busy life to practice a little self-love

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