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5 easy ways to shake up your routine

1.   Start your day with a healthy boost of energy

If your daily dose of high octane coffee is all you have time for, your Break ‘Fast’ routine needs a little help.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day because it increases energy and can provide much needed nutrition.  But,  if you don’t feel like you have enough time to properly fuel up in the morning why not try making this easy breakfast bake the night before or no bake cereal bars to take with you to work, or what about super oatmeal.

2.  Add a splash of color to what you wear

How many pairs of black shoes do you own?  Be honest.  If you are bored with the clothes in your closet, an easy way to spice things up is to wear a pair of shoes that don’t match your outfit.  Alternatively, go crazy and switch out your purse mid week.  Go on I dare you.  Become a fashionista!!

3.  Take a different route to work every day for a week

I bet that if you could, you’d be able to drive to work with your eyes closed.  That’s how mundane the task has become. So, how about stepping away from all things routine by taking a different route to work every day for a week.  It’s a great way to wake up, all your senses because you’ll be paying attention to unfamiliar things.  Your brain will appreciate the early morning workout.

4.  Make Technology work for you

Deciding what to make for dinner every night after a long day at work is one routine that can be made easier if you allow technology to help.  For example, Cozi is an award winning online family calendar and organizer. You can use it to plan dinners for the week, store recipes, and add ingredients to your shopping list.  You can also create a calendar that keeps track of everyone’s appointments and schedules, print it out or even put it on your desktop, so you can access it without going online.  And the best part, its free.

5.  Make Fitness Fun

Let’s face it, exercise isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of favoritie things to do, but if you workout regularly and are feeling a little bored, or you’d like to find a way to start exercising –  take a class like Zumba, just because its fun.  Now I can hear you moaning that you aren’t coordinated and are secretly fearful that others will laugh at you.   Not So!!  Zumba requires you to focus on the instructor at the front of the room, and that’s what everyone else is doing.  Who said breaking a sweat can’t be fun?


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