What’s The Universe Trying To Tell You? Follow the Signs



During a phone call from one of my daughter’s on Mother’s day, she mentioned that she’d tried calling our land lines, but neither seemed to be working. Later, when I checked it out sure enough both lines were dead. Thinking it was a problem with our service provider I called to see if there were issues in our area. They said no, but it would be a good idea to check the main box in the basement. That’s when I discovered that we had a problem. The basement was wet, really wet, and most of what we had stored on the ground had absorbed a lot of the water, including the telephone box.

However this isn’t about our soggy basement it’s about the leak and what it represented. This leak was as I soon realized the third in a series of leaks.

Since December one of the Tires on my vehicle has been slowly losing air. Although I’d made several attempts to get the tire repaired, I was never able to get a timely appointment, so I kept on re-filling to get by. Three days before the basement leak, I noticed that there was a problem with the water dispenser in the refrigerator, and, you guessed it, we had a leak in the water tank. Any one of these leaks on their own, could be considered ‘just a leak’, but three leaks? That got my attention, so I asked myself what is the universe trying to tell me?

I believe we are constantly sent little nudges, that are intended to help us recognize when our lives are slipping out of balance, or something needs attention. The challenge and the opportunity is to notice and follow the signs. What signs has the Universe been sending your lately, that you might be ignoring?

Here are few of the ways the Universe may be trying to get your attention:

  • Coincidences, with perfect timing
  • Songs on the radio that seem to play whenever you are in the car
  • Really specific dreams (e.g., with numbers or dates)
  • Books that speak to you or whatever situation you are experiencing
  • Physical symptoms that signal something deeper (like back pain when you’re carrying the weight of the world on your back).
  • Roadblocks. If you feel like you are pushing a rope uphill in some area of your life, it may be a sign that you’re supposed to do something different.
  • Messages that arise during meditation.
  • Gut feelings or instincts you can’t ignore.
  • Something someone says that cuts right to the core of you.
  • A sense of inner knowing that something is true, even though it feels completely crazy, implausible, or unattainable.

In my case, the leak was related to a project that I hadn’t been paying attention to and it was literally costing more money than necessary (money was leaking). Now that all of the leaks have been repaired, I’m hoping that it won’t take three separate incidents to get my attention next time.


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