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Plant a seed of Gratitude

Gratitude is powerful and the more you express it the more it multiplies.  
Imagine planting a seed of gratitude and then showering it everyday with more gratitude.  
Pretty soon you’ll… Continue reading

Do something about it, or change your attitude about it


Every second that you spend complaining about what you don’t like about your, relationship, work, friends, or any of the other things we can feel victimized by is a lost opportunity to make… Continue reading

Opportunity is trying to get your attention

Every day you stroll pass an opportunity to create the life you want because you don’t believe you deserve it.

Opportunity is knocking pay attention.

Quit making excuses….do something different


I’m feeling a bit impatient with people who make choices that aren’t moving them in a direction they like, but keep making excuses for why things aren’t changing.

To that I say, quit… Continue reading

Be bold enough to dream big!


When you dream, do you imagine a life that is different than the one you are living?

I believe the reason that so many of us fail to achieve our dreams is simply… Continue reading

Fun catches on

Don’t wait for fun to come to you.

You get to choose your attitude, and how you want to behave.  You decide how enthusiastic you want to be!



When you choose to have fun,  it eliminates boredom and… Continue reading

Do work that you love

I love the expression do work that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest



Nigel Marsh, captures this idea in a different yet very poignant way.

There are… Continue reading