Check your perspective today…"

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Check your perspective today

Problem or Opportunity



I wonder how many opportunities have slipped by because you thought of them as problems.

If you are currently experiencing something as ‘problem’ ask yourself – Is this a problem or an opportunity?

Think AND not OR




When it comes to decision making, we can sometimes make things tougher than they need to be because we have an ‘either Or mentality.

When you include OR in your decision making you are automatically eliminating what could… Continue reading

Attitude is Everything

attitude is everything


Ever heard the saying, what you think affects how you feel, and what you feel affects what you do?

What we are really talking about is attitude.  One tiny attitude adjustment can move you from CAN’T to CAN.

There is a right time for everything


Ever been so hell bent on making something happen it feels like you are pushing a rope up hill?

The reason things might seem difficult might be due to bad timing.   When a thing is meant to be, it really… Continue reading

Balance your life



With all of the distractions that we face every day, life can sometimes feel like it’s spiraling out of control and out of balance.

While it may be easy to place the blame outside of ourselves, ultimately what and… Continue reading

Change – If not now….when?


There comes a time when you know you’ve got to make a change. You’ve been spinning your wheels for days, weeks, months, or even decades, hoping that something or someone will make the tough decision for you.

Well, here’s a… Continue reading

Find the golden lining

Silver lining


We ‘ve all heard the phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’  meaning every difficult situation has a bright side.

Well I recently read an article about finding the ‘golden lining’ in the good, meaning savoring the good moments… Continue reading