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Preparing to travel..made easy

Picture this, we leave in a few days for our winter vacation. I have a ton of  office work still to be done, (including writing this article) so packing our bags  is moving further down the list, and because there… Continue reading

Start 2013 with a Plan


Some of us are natural planners.  We know what we want to achieve, we write our goals down, we commit to our plan, we find someone to hold us accountable and… Continue reading

How to ‘wrap up’ 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, and before we get caught up in starting anew, taking a look back at our accomplishments can fuel our motivation to stick to our plans for 2013.

But, figuring out where to begin can… Continue reading

Letting go of Superwoman

Do you have a Superwoman’s cape that gives you the power and energy to clean your home every week faster than a speeding minivan because you also need to;

Small decisions lead to big change

Making the decision to change some aspect of your life that isn’t working can sometimes feel like an impossible task, but with a subtle shift in perspective there is an easy, and yes, simple way to see big progress in… Continue reading

5 easy ways to shake up your routine

1.   Start your day with a healthy boost of energy

If your daily dose of high octane coffee is all you have time for, your Break ‘Fast’ routine needs a little help.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of… Continue reading

6 affordable ways to unwind, de-stress and relax

Anyone of these activities is sure to give you a superdose of much needed relaxation.   So go on, treat yourself.  You’re worth it.

1.  Get a massage
It’s no secret that the power of touch can lower your blood pressure,… Continue reading